Oyster Grand Hotel & Spa. Krasnodar Region, Blagoveshchensk

Krasnodar region, Anapa, the village of Blagoveshchenskoye
Land area
240 hectares
Building area
126 925 m2
Including hotel
109913.9 m2
Including casino
17731.15 m2
Elevation elevation
110 m
2012 – 2014 гг.
Multifunctional hotel complex 5 * «Oyster Grand Hotel & SPA» is located at: Krasnodar region, Anapa district, 4 km from the station. The site is bounded from the south by the Black Sea, from the north by the projected road leading from Blagoveshchenskaya to Bugazskaya Kosa, from the east projected by the road leading from the Black Sea to the Golenkaya Kos, and from the west by a golf club.
The main access roads of the multifunctional complex are designed roads connecting the hotel with the station. Blagoveshchenskaya from the north, from the south-east and from the west. The entrance to the main entrance of the hotel is on the north side at around 0.00. The road from the east side at around -4.20 is intended for trucks. Access to the casino is provided from the west side at -12.00. Different levels of roads allow transport and human flows to not intersect with each other, thus providing comfort for tourists and visitors.
Functionally the complex is divided into two zones-hotel and casino. The functional groups of the hotel premises include a residential part including 42 villas, a reception and lobby group of premises, public catering establishments, conference rooms, SPA premises, administrative premises, hotel staff accommodation premises, warehouses and auxiliary rooms, as well as service premises. The functional groups of casino facilities include casino gaming halls for 2000 visitors at the same time, night club facilities, casino administrative and domestic facilities, a casino reception and lobby group.
The hotel occupies floors at elevations from -4.20 to 97.35. The hotel capacity is 827 rooms for 1696 people, including coastal villas in the amount of 42 pieces. The rooms are located on the marks from 10.95 to 93, 75. Floor plans on these marks are shaped like a horseshoe. On the top floor there is a panoramic restaurant and a presidential room. All the main administrative, domestic and auxiliary facilities, landing stages for the hotel and casinos, hotel storage facilities, technical rooms of the hotel are at the level of -4.20.
The casino and night club are located at the levels of 11.70 and-7.90. Entrance groups (two of them) are located on the south-west and west sides of the building. The first, the main entrance group is designed for all visitors, including for tourists in the hotel, the second entrance group serves only VIP customers. It is much smaller in area and occupies a separate location from other areas of the complex. For the VIP zone of the casino there is also a closed parking lot for 30 cars.

The casino is designed for 1600 slot machines, one slot for 1 slot machine and 56 tables, 6 people per table. Total non-recurrent number of visitors can not exceed 1936 people. Game halls for VIP clients are provided at mark. -7,90. On this floor are located also administrative, office and technical rooms of the casino.
A night club for 400 visitors is divided into two zones: a recreation area and a disco zone. The club has a direct access to the patio with a waterfall and a decorative pool. It is also equipped with a stage and artistic make-up room for small concerts and shows.

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