Ресторан "СТЕНА" на Мичуринском проспекте

Многофункциональные комплексы

Plot area
1025 m2
Area of hard covers
305 m2
Gardening area
885 m2
Total area
1477 m2

The plot is a typical parcel of land (from the 80-s) in the south-western part of Moscow. It is located between a residential highrise, a protected natural area and the «Lukoil» petrol station built in the early 90-s. According to the town-planning assignment, this parcel has a designated land use for commercial, or more specifically, restaurant use. Triangular glass forms and white travertine (type of stone) walls give expression and energy to the building, allowing it to stand out from the monotony and dullness of surrounding areas.


As the restaurant is in close proximity to the flammable petrol station and the natural pond, it acts as a dividing element and cuts the section into two parts. The Wall is separated form the gas station by a five metre wall, while creating an overhang above the natural area (using steel cables and reinforced concrete pylons).