Apartment building on Khersonskaya street, Moscow

The customer of
Construction period
The area of the plot is
11662,0 m2
The highest building mark is
110,0 m
Number of sections
3 (A, B, C)
Number of floors
Section А - 32
Section В - 26
Section С - 32
The total area of the building is
63852,0 m2
Number of apartments
The building is located in the southern part of the existing residential complex.
Transport services are carried out by land transport modes, which are connected with the nearest metro stations «Novye Cheryomushki», «Kaluzhskaya», «Sevastopolskaya», «Kahovskaya.
The surrounding buildings are represented by the office complex Gazprom, 5-12 storey residential buildings along Khersonskaya Street and a 27-storey residential building along the Scientific Passage.

The architectural composition of the projected building takes into account the dominant position of the Gazprom complex and the need to form a section of the urban environment in conjunction with the existing complex. The volume of the house on the south side closes the prospect of a pedestrian boulevard (park zone) with an artificially recreated stream. The main entrance to the building is oriented to the park area. Entry into the multifunctional building is provided from Kherson Street.
Building № 7 is a variable-story building with underground parking for 54 cars.
The projected object consists of three sections:
— section «A» — a 32-storey building, a height of 110 m;
— section «B» — a 26-storey building, a height of 90.53 m;
— section «B» — a 32-storey building, a height of 110 m.
Section «A» is located strictly in the direction of north-south, just like the complex «Gazprom» and building number 1. Section «B» and «B» are located parallel to the street Kherson.
This arrangement of the volume of sections, as well as the variable number of storeys, give dynamics and expressiveness to the architecture of the building. The main entrance group, which is an arch of 8.4 m high, closes the axis of the boulevard of the multifunctional complex.
In the underground parking lot, cars can be accessed using a ramp in section «B».

The marks of all input groups are at the level of the ground mark, providing disabled persons and the elderly with unhindered access to lift halls.

All entrances are through. This allows them to provide natural light and gives residents easy access, both to the access road and to the inner courtyard. For façade finishing, a ventilated facade system is used with the use of hanging slabs made of natural stone travertine, as well as stemalite in cassettes

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